THAT SAME FAR PLACE 16.11.18 18.11.18  a Collaboration with ChezKit artist-run space in Pantin, Paris.

Invited artists: Vanessa da Silva , Angelique de Chabo, Chloé Elmaleh, Santiago Esses, Ronan Le Creurer, Gwendoline Perrigueux, Dorothée Louise Recker, Delphine Renault, Lucie Riou, Sofia Rocha-Casenave, Pablo Rodriguez, Margaux Simonetti, Lucille Uhlric, Marcos Uriondo, Cyril Zarcone.

C’est pas si loin - No está tan lejos - 
Persona / Curada at YIA Art Fair 201818.10.2018 - 21.10.2018

Participating artists:
Andres Andreani, Santiago Esses, Sofia Rocha, Pablo Rodriguez

Pheidippides, 18.08.2017 - 25.08.2017, Leipzig.

Participating artists:
Raisa Bosich, Lucia Szych, and Isidora Gilardi.

Bringing together a selection of works from an emerging generation of artists Pheidippides was an attempt for critical thinking in today’s Latin American artist's current situation overseas.  
Movements of people in Latin America are now bound to the global economy. Selcted artists investigated different possibilities of communication – expressing these concerns in more tender ways. Finding a sense of belonging while working away from home. Creating spaces of care, and emergence.

The title of the exhibition is the name of the central Greek figure from the Battle of Marathon who is believed to have run from Marathon to Athens delivering a message of victory. Dying at the end of his mission – this generation of artists often race having as the main purpose to arrive at a better future.